Applying model patterns via stereotype

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Applying model patterns via stereotype

Postby » Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:36 am

I recently switched over to MagicDraw and am trying to do something I once did in Rhapsody. ... otype.html

Essentially, you make a profile with a stereotype and model element (package, requirement, block, etc). You create a dependency from the stereotype to the model element. You can then use this stereotype on a new model element (of the same type, block for block, package for package, etc) outside the profile and the element will take on the characteristics of the profile element. For example, I created a requirement X (in profile) which is satisfied by some block A (outside profile) and I made the stereotype Z (in profile) dependent on requirement X. I then applied stereotype Z to requirement G (outside profile) and expected the satisfaction to be created, but it was not. In rhapsody, there is a stereotype called "standardContent" that one applies to the dependency from stereotype Z to requirement X (in profile), which allows this transfer of modeling patterns to happen. But I cannot find a similar thing in MagicDraw. Is there a way to apply such model patterns via stereotypes?

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Re: Applying model patterns via stereotype

Postby » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:02 pm

I think there are much easier ways to do don't want to be proliferating stereotypes. I'd suggest researching custom properties, structured expressions, and implied relationships. You should be able to create a relationship between the new block and the profile block and then metachain to read all the requirements...I often use realize.

So Block -> Directed relationship of source -> realization ->Target -> Directed relationship of source -> satisfy

should do the trick...and you can union/intersect/etc. to do some other neat things.
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