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BDD question

Postby » Thu Apr 30, 2020 11:40 am

have a Sysml question which I am trying to figure out.

If we have a classroom for example with some value properties for example type of chair,number of students and so on and we want to create different classrooms from that block that would inherit the same attributes(value properties) but we would be able to give them unique values for each classes, what kind of relationship do we use?

I was trying to do generalization, it does inherit the value properties but when I give a default value to one of the subclasses the main class's attribute value also changes but that is not what I want. And when I chose aggregation or composition, they dont inherit the same value types that I gave to the class block.

I tried creating instances but then I can not create any other relation ship between the instances or if I want to say this instance is for that specific class I cant do it...especially if I want to create 120 subclassrooms, Im not sure if it is possible.
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Re: BDD question

Postby » Thu Apr 30, 2020 7:26 pm

I am really hoping someone answers this question since I have had similar questions myself.

The way I understand things now is that one way for a Block to become an 'instance' is to use it as a Part in an IBD. So, using your example, if you had and IBD for the entire school the classroom block could be used to create 'parts' representing each classroom, each with their own value properties.

I could be completely confused about this though.

Also... you may want to try posting this in the SysML forum? I am new here myself but have noticed that there seems to be a little more activity over there.
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