BPMN Usage Resources Matrix - calculate dependencies

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BPMN Usage Resources Matrix - calculate dependencies

Postby nicolas.puiroux@3ds.com » Fri May 03, 2019 2:12 am

Hello everyone

I am beginner with CAMEO Enterprise.
I have a problem with BPMN Usage Resources Matrix

Let an organization structure diagram containing (for the example):
- 2 resources (Paul and his wife Cassy)
- 2 roles (Wagner and Jojo) - corresponding to the family of the resources

Paul is a Wagner: I use the Composition link between the resource Paul and the role Wagner
Cassy is a Jojo and a Wagner (by the wedding with Paul :D ). I Use the composition link between the resource Cassy and the roles Jojo and Wagner

let an BPMN Process Diagram with some activities affected to Paul and other to Cassy

When I create the BPMN Resources Usage Matrix, I see the dependencies between my activities and Paul and Cassy (very good).
But I would like to see the implicit dependencies between the roles (Wagner or Jojo) and the activities.
Indeed, if an activity is affected to Paul, the Wagner role is impacted. How can I see this impact ?

Thank you for your time and help and sorry for my poor english


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