Building requirements from an excel file

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Building requirements from an excel file

Postby » Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:54 am

I'm trying to build a requirements table or requirement elements from an excel file. I've tried to read the the excel import plugin manual, but it hasn't really helped me.

I thought creating a requirements table, would be as easy as creating custom columns that matched my excel file, and then just copy pasting the rows. But content for the newly created columns doesn't show up. I suspect maybe its because I haven't selected the right properties for my custom columns? Becaue the data under the default columns shows up.

Additionally, I tried to use the excel import plugin, File > Import From > Excel/CSV File > Import Table Heading from Excel > Selected FIle > Checked off Import each row as an instance specification and create mapping diagram. This created a <<classMapping>> element and <<fileSchema>> elements for each of my row items from the spreadsheet.

How can I convert these elements into a table of requirements? how can I make each <<fileSchema>> into a requirements element that I can use in diagrams?

Help is much appreciated.
Thank you,
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