CAMEO SM 2021x - Simple Value Plotting YT example no values

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CAMEO SM 2021x - Simple Value Plotting YT example no values

Postby » Wed Dec 29, 2021 10:12 am

I have CAMEO Systems Modeller 2021x and I have been having issues getting simulation visualizations to do anything.

I decided to try something really simple with the YT video "Simple Value Plotting" which I see is CAMEO SM 19. There are some small differences in the dialogs but nothing that leaps out as being really, REALLY different.

When you set the simulation to running, the "Value" fields in the simulation pane do NOTHING.

If you open the ConstraintBlock variables and click around in the Value and Name fields, suddenly they leap to life and start producting values.

If you have a Time Series Chart up it also produces exactly NOTHING until you clean around in the Value and Name fields.

Very frustrating...

And so while I'm working through this note, I discover that the delete of the port on the ConstraintBlock created by the Tool/Parametric Wizard on the diagram was inadequate - the "simtime" port needs to be deleted in the Containment as just deleting it from the diagram does nothing really- then every works as demonstrated. [right-click][Select In Containment Tree][Delete]
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