Code generation and Forte for Java integration

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Code generation and Forte for Java integration

Postby Adriano Sastre Vieira » Thu Jan 10, 2002 8:28 am


I have the MagicDraw UML installed in my computer
and now I need help to integrate it properly with Sun's Fort For Java.

I followed some instructions from this newsgroup to put my MagicDraw
being executed by means of Fort For Java. However, some things seems
wrong to my point of view.

My first question is:
When I execute Fort For Java, MagicDraw also automatically executed
and a new tool bar appears in Fort For Java's IDE with some functions
from it. But, there aren't buttons to generate code from my
diagrams. Why does it happen? How can I generate code by means of Fort
For Java, when I have a MagicDraw integrated with it?

My second question is:
I can generate code with MagicDraw alone and I can edit such code using
Fort For Java alone.
However, if I generate code again , the code that had been built with
Fort For Java is completely overridden by MagicDraw and I lose the work
from Fort For Java. So, how can I do my MagicDraw read any code wrote by

Fort For Java and avoid this kind of trouble?

Any hint will be very helpful.


Adriano Sastre - Brazil.

Adriano Sastre Vieira
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Re: Code generation and Forte for Java integration

Postby Mindaugas Ringys » Wed Jan 23, 2002 2:13 am

Hi Adriano,

See my answers:
#1 Current MagicDraw UML integration with Forte can not generate code for
already existing classes. Code can be generated just for new added classes.
Later this code will be updated according to changes in the model class. We
are changing such functionality and next MagicDraw version will be able to
generate code for new and existing classes.

#2 I think you are doing 'Quick generate'. This command generates just
skeleton of the code. Please use Code Engineering Sets. More details about
them you can find in manual chapter 5 'Code Engineering'.


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