Edit Parameter in Activity Diagram from Instance Value

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Edit Parameter in Activity Diagram from Instance Value

Postby domo_t@sbcglobal.net » Thu Jan 13, 2022 12:56 am

Hello. I've been attempting to run an activity diagram to run a simulation and use an instance table for multiple iterations. For now, the use of the activity diagram and the parameters it came with is non-negotiable.

My trouble is as follows: I am able to import the instance values by following this tutorial: https://docs.nomagic.com/display/CST183 ... simulation

However, when I use the instance to call the activity diagram, the parameters become initialized and set to their defaults. Based on tutorials, I can't identify an action that lets me update a parameter other than opaque actions. When I attempt to generate an opaque action that sets the parameter to the instance, I am repeatedly unsuccessful.

How can I set the value of the parameter based on the values from the instance?
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