External System States, Behavior, Conditions

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External System States, Behavior, Conditions

Postby mustafaA » Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:22 am

Q: How behavior and states of an external system/part in context of my product can be included in the model?

Lets say a subsystem of my system is integrated in some other server/platform and it does something in a few consecutive states (lets say 3 states). For my subsystem to function properly, there are some actions to be done by the server/platform/user (or constraints to be met). Thus, the platform's activity and states become important.
Example:"Before subsystem goes from state2 to state3, platform should fix the temperature at 30 degree celcius. Platform/server door should be left open". My subsystem does not know about the temperature or the door but it is important for its to function properly. How can I illustrate it in my subsystem StateMachines and Activity Diagrams (or somewhere else)? For now, I use guards for "Server Door == Open" and "Temp == 30" But these are not done or known by my product and that technique is not right I guess.

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Re: External System States, Behavior, Conditions

Postby zilvinas.strolia@nomagic.com » Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:39 am

Dear mustafaA,

In your case there is no correct or incorrect way with how you model your system. You can model external triggers with guards or change events.
The question you should answer the question is the final result satisfies your needs.
If you are in need to synchronize your external and internal systems or change specific value depending on a state then logical solution is to define behavior for your external system with state machine, activity or sequence diagrams and then connect these systems in internal block diagram through the ports. By going this way you can specify communication between your external and internal systems.
We created a sample (System.mdzip) to illustrate how this can be defined in the model.

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