Functions performed in a capability configuration

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Functions performed in a capability configuration

Postby » Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:37 am


I have the following configuration: MD18.5, SP2, UPDM2

I've created a Capability, C, on a CV-2. I then proceeded to create and relate C to a capability configuration, CC.

I created a capability config diagram under CC, and added several resources with interactions between them. For each interaction I specified the conveyed item and producing and consuming functions.

When I look at the "Traceability-->Performs Function with Aggregated" property in the specification dialog of the CC, I see that *ALL* of the functions that can be performed by the resources on the capability configuration diagram are listed. I was expecting only to see the functions that I selected when creating the interaction on that diagram. This seems to be more useful to me.

What should be the expected behavior?

How can I get a list of just the functions being performed on a capability configuration diagram?


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