Generalization of CORBA Stereotypes

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Generalization of CORBA Stereotypes

Postby » Thu Dec 10, 2015 10:51 am

I've reversed the original set of IDL files into my model, in which MD forces the CORBAStruct stereotype on all structures (totally fine). I've created an extension of the base stereotype that contains a number of tagged elements for the purpose of maintaining and tracking system-specific documentation (figure attached). I then have to force the AB Topic stereotype onto all of my structures.

Q1: Why doesn't this happen automatically? Am I misunderstanding what stereotype extension / generalization is doing?

Once I force the AB Topic stereotype onto the structures, I add the necessary documentation (via CSV Import) and re-generate the IDL. When I make changes to the code base and reverse it back into the model, my extended stereotype gets removed from the CORBAStructs and the documentation is gone. This also screws up all the class diagrams I'd created as the custom stereotype is no longer applied, and it's breaking my color scheme, data, etc.

Q2: What's happening here? I know there's magic happening under the hood to keep the generate/reverse process happy, but for whatever reason, all the documentation I added is getting blown away... very unfortunate.

Q3: Is there a better way to accomplish adding custom data to a stereotype and having it maintained through the generate/reverse process?

Finally, I've added a second extended stereotype generalizing CORBAElement. When I complete the round-trip, this stereotype REMAINS as well as the imported documentation included with that stereotype.

Q4: What's the difference here? Why is the model maintaining the CORBAElement --> AB Field generalization, but NOT the CORBAStruct --> AB Topic generalization?

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Re: Generalization of CORBA Stereotypes

Postby gedkvi » Wed Dec 16, 2015 6:28 am


unfortunately, it is not possible to to save custom data in stereotype tags when reversin/generating Corba IDLs.
At the generate process, some types knock off custom stereotypes and reaplies the standard stereotype. Thats when the custom information gets lost. CORBAStruct, CORBAModule, CORBAInterface etc. knocks off custom stereotypes. CORBAElement is not among them, so the custom stereotype does not get knocked off in that case

I have registered an improvement issue.

Sorry for inconveniences,
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