GUI problems using Cameo to MATLAB connection

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GUI problems using Cameo to MATLAB connection

Postby Plastico » Tue Oct 04, 2022 5:23 pm


I have a couple of issues I'm trying solve and wondered if someone might be able to help...

Firstly, a GUI I built is not displaying labels or text fields when I run it. I have created a frame and assigned a part property to a group box and then assigned value properties to both labels and text fields within that box but when I run them, the GUI comes up as just a blank frame. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or are there any good guides you can recommend for building Cameo GUIs?

Secondly, I have successfully managed to link variable values from MATLB in to Cameo (which I want to display in the GUI) but I can't work out how to send data the other direction from Cameo to MATLAB. I want a user to be able to enter values in to a text field in a GUI and then those values be sent to MATLAB to change the values in the inputs.mat file.

Thanks for reading!
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