No Magic Community Forum guidelines

This page provides the guidelines for the use of No Magic Community Forum.

No Magic Community Forum is a place for software architects, developers, analysts, and other specialists to meet and share the ideas with each other.

For the best results of using forum we suggest the following standards:

Stay on topic
Each topic for the discussion has a focus. Please, be sure your comments fit within the guidelines of that forum. If you do not find an appropriate forum to express your thoughts, please e-mail to with the request for a new area that would meet your needs.

Keep your language clean
When writing, please keep it professional by avoiding vulgar and obscene language.

Avoid personal attacks
You are encouraged to respond to other postings and when appropriate, to take issue with their contents. In these cases, please do express your disagreement with the views and opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully. Do not resort to personal attacks, insults, abuse, or harassment.

Don't post commercial advertisements
Forum is not the place to post unsolicited advertisements for products. However, it is acceptable to recommend a third-party product as a solution for a stated problem.

This is non-official support site
On these public forums, you may not get issue fix time frames and obligations to provide solution in one or another version. The best route is to report issues covered with Software Assurance Contract to Online Support System

We welcome everyone related with products or technologies they provide to communicate, or just read provided information. So get involved!

We are proud to provide No Magic Community Forum for you and hope your practice with it will be successful.

Please share your thoughts by posting to Notices and suggestions for No Magic Community Forum. We appreciate your valuable feedback.


Service level agreement

No Magic does not provide any correctness guaranties and obligations or terms in posts not by No Magic.

We do not provide guarantee that response will be given in particular time frame, even if forum is constantly monitored by No Magic staff.

Since all topics are public, no personal or company confidential information should be shared in forum.

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