Inner Elements Sort A to Z Not Functional

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Inner Elements Sort A to Z Not Functional

Postby » Tue Jan 19, 2021 11:47 am

We have an issue that is currently plaguing our entire modeling group.

We're using Cameo Systems Modeler 19.0 SP3

We have numerous Enumerations and very large collections of Enumeration Literals. When we go to sort them under the Enumeration's Inner Elements, we're able to manually sort via "Up" and "Down" however the "Sort A to Z" button is ALWAYS greyed out. The NoMagic documentation states that the button is greyed out when the list is alphabetically sorted, however, this is not the case as it does not change when the list is manually sorted. The documentation further states that if the project is a Teamwork Cloud project, that the elements and their owner cannot be locked by another user. I have confirmed that I am the only one who has the elements and their owner locked/checked out.

Manual sorting also creates an issue as, the larger the list, the longer it takes to manually sort. I have 32 GB of Ram and on some of our lists, it takes 5-10 seconds just to move an element up one spot.

There doesn't seem to be any method in the NoMagicAPI that allows a user to modify the list, allowing a user to apply their own sorting logic.

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