Long (1-3 hours) commit/update times

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Long (1-3 hours) commit/update times

Postby doneill@mitre.org » Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:28 am

Our team (4-6) has started to experience exceedingly long commit and update times (1-3 hours) while using the v16.9 Teamwork Server.

We are using the UPDM profile and have several System elements (~2,000), Organization elements (~1,000) and Post elements (~1,000). There are many aggregation relationship between the various elements. We also apply custom stereotypes to many of the elements which include a graphical icon. We created approximately 100-200 SV-1 class-type diagrams.

The commits do not take long (5-10 minutes) if I my user account created the previous version of the model on the Teamwork Server. However, if I am committing or updated based on another user’s latest version, the commit/update time can take up to three hours. Other uses have experienced this same issue with their v16.9 Architecture Edition clients.

Is there a log I can check on the teamwork server to determine if there is an issue/problem? What can potentially cause these long commit times aside from possibly large model (~6.5 Mb now)?

Also, are there any statistics I can pull from the model to quickly determine things like: 1) number of elements, 2) number of relationships, 3) number of diagrams.

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Re: Long (1-3 hours) commit/update times

Postby Donatas Simkunas » Wed Oct 26, 2011 2:29 am


Such long update times is not normal - usually update should take no more than project load. To find out the reason
please do this:
When long time update happens wait about half of update time, then run launcher submit_issue (from bin folder). This
launcher should dump application activity to the md.log file. It is better to run submit_issue few times. Then please fill support ticket and attach md.log file.

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Donatas Simkunas
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