Missing plugin JARS when launching from Eclipse

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Missing plugin JARS when launching from Eclipse

Postby reliquia33ad@protonmail.com » Thu Dec 01, 2022 9:28 am

In the move to 21x, I have not solved the issue with missing plugin JARs when running/debugging from eclipse. I have plugin/library code referencing both simulation plugin and the diagram/legend/.. l So what I end up is things like this.

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2022-11-30 10:22:40,532 [AWT-EventQueue-0] [ ] ERROR GENERAL - com/nomagic/generictable/GenericTableManager
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/nomagic/generictable/GenericTableManager
   at aero.albers.cameo.util.GenericTableDiagrammer.createGenericTable(GenericTableDiagrammer.java:35) ~[classes/:?]
   at aero.albers.cameo.util.GenericTableDiagrammer.<init>(GenericTableDiagrammer.java:27) ~[classes/:?]

With 19.04 I would go in and add the plugin JARS to the MagicDraw project and that seemed to work. As I went down that rabbit hole with 21x I would add the deps to the "Run" configuration classpath, I ended up at the point where Cameo plugins were failing to load. Because their jars were already loaded? If I package the plugin and deploy it, the issue does not happen. My plugins seem to reach out and grab the dependencies from the plugins just fine. It is only when running/debugging from withing the IDE. Like the plugins in the workspace are in a different classloader.

Looking for the magic configuration.
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