Numbered messages in Collaboration Diagram

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Numbered messages in Collaboration Diagram

Postby Ben Hatton » Thu Nov 30, 2000 7:26 pm


I have had to draw several collaboration diagrams (using 3.6i) that
share some objects, links and messages. While it is possible to copy
parts of one diagram to another, the messages show the numbering from
the first diagram, and cannot be changed without also changing the
original diagram - the message numbering for each diagram almost always
would be unique (only the same if the shared instances were always the
first ones in the flow).

The only way around this is to delete all the messages and start again -
very annoying!

Presumably the numbers are stored in the message/stimulus object itself
- perhaps there should be a diagram-to-messages structure that assigns
the numbers for a specific diagram only?

I find the whole "where does my diagram object actually live?" issue
quite a burden (I'm not using code generation).

Ben Hatton
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