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Platform Views & Interactions

Postby » Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:58 am


I'm trying to find the best/simplest/consumable way to represent a platform architecture, specifically the bounded context(s), the interactions (and dependencies) between them, and a drill-down to support some kind of system/sub-system view.

My immediate thought was to jump to composite-structure diagrams as my belief was that would give me a way to capture the structure and allow for 'provided' interfaces to be projected-up from a sub-component to the platform boundary and also enable the component interactions within a platform to be captured - alas i don't see to be able to connect the provided/required interfaces on the ports together. Click-Through/Dill-Down is also evading me at this point.

At this time i'm really trying to convey information as opposed to creating an academically-correct UML representation.

I feel this should be possible and that i'm missing something really simple, any thoughts


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