OSGI Framework Changes

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OSGI Framework Changes

Postby david.martin@g2-ops.com » Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:21 pm


I recently noticed the Open API changes within the 18.2 release of Magicdraw.

I am having issues with the starting of magicdraw through a command line.

I use to be able to start Magicdraw with the command: com.nomagic.magicdraw.Main([]) <-- Now deprecated.

I am having syntax issues with the OSGI framework command: com.nomagic.osgi.launcher.ProductionFrameworkLauncher.Main([]) <-- returns error of "Missing or incorrect -Dcom.nomagic.osgi.config.dir"

Any help with the syntax that is required to be used would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: OSGI Framework Changes

Postby vaidas.nargelas@nomagic.com » Thu Aug 06, 2015 2:28 am


Since version 18.2 MagicDraw has migrated to OSGI Framework. Because of this the OSGI Framework has to be launched first and then if launches MagicDraw (or command line program). The class com.nomagic.osgi.launcher.ProductionFrameworkLauncher starts OSGI and then takes care of above described launching. The class to be launched and other required parameters for ProductionFrameworkLauncher are specified using system properties. See the MagicDraw documentation for further details: http://docs.nomagic.com/display/MD182/S ... properties

Here are other relevant links to documentation:
http://docs.nomagic.com/display/MD182/R ... batch+mode
http://docs.nomagic.com/display/MD182/S ... pplication
http://docs.nomagic.com/display/MD182/C ... +classpath

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