Using Excel Import to create a Glossary

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Using Excel Import to create a Glossary

Postby » Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:32 pm


I am attempting to use the Excel Import Utility, in MD 18.0 SP6, to bring in a Glossary of terms to the model. I am having a hard time getting the mapping right. First problem, when I go to the Class Mapping step in the Utility, I am not able to select the UML package which contains the <<Term>> stereotype. There are other packages and profiles available, but NOT the UML package. So, I copied over the <<Term>> stereotype into a different package that I can see from the Utility (a <<Term1>> stereotype is created). Second,When I do this, I am not able to map to the Description property in <<Term1>>, only Name and Synonym. If I import my descriptions from Excel to the Synonym property, I then have to copy and paste ALL of the synonym values over to the Description property.

There has got to be an easier way to import a Glossary from Excel!!

Please help,

MagicDraw v18.0 SP5
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Re: Using Excel Import to create a Glossary

Postby supatp » Fri Feb 10, 2017 3:17 am

Dear Trevor,

I would suggest you to prepare data into CSV file and use another plugin, the CSV Import that is a free plugin too.
Please install the plugin via the Resource/plugin Manager under (no cost) section.

You can run this plugin from the menu File> Import From> Import CSV...
In the first wizard page:
1. Select your CSV file.
2. First box, select the package where you want to import the Term into.
3. Second and third box, select target type as Class, and choose stereotype Term.
4. Click Next button.

In the 2nd wizard page:
1. From the left table, Select property "name".
2. From the top right table, select the column that represent the name of Term, click Add button.
3. Then select property "ownedComment".
4. And select the column for description, click Add.
5. Click Finish to start import.

Best Regards,
Supat P.
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