Using query tool in VTL

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Using query tool in VTL

Postby » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:23 am

I want to search for an shared Package using the query Tool.
When I run the report Wizard and select the package, I get it, but when I select another element the query Tool doesn't find it.

My VTL script is:
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#import("query", "")

#set($abbreviation = $query.get("*[qualifiedName = glossary::Abbreviation]").get(0))
#foreach($abb in $abbreviation.ownedElement)

So I should get a list of all elements of the Package "Abbreviation". It works when I have selected the Abbreviation package and it doesn't work with every other Element. And in the whole script I do not use any $elementScope or $packageScope. how can I find this package when I have selected another element?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Using query tool in VTL

Postby uraiwan_i » Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:43 am

Dear Customer,

The Query Tool will retrieve elements from selected scope.
You can see the scope in "Select element scope" pane of Report Wizard dialog.


See Select Element Scope Pane section of MagicDraw ReportWizard UserGuide.pdf or online document for more details

Is Abbreviation package in selected scope?

When you select the "Abbreviation" package, it is also in scope.
However, when you select other package, you have to check if the Abbreviation is in.

For example
From above image:
If you add "Model" or "glossary" or "Abbreviation", the "Abbreviation" package will be in scope.
If you add "other" or "classes", the "Abbreviation" package will not be in scope.

Currently, Report does not allow user to set custom scope to Query Tool
However, you may create your custom tool to override Report Query Tool.
Please see Custom Tool section of MagicDraw ReportWizard UserGuide.pdf or online document for more details

Best regards,
Uraiwan I.
Support Engineer
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