Simulation trouble with reused parts

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Simulation trouble with reused parts

Postby » Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:10 pm

I'm having a problem with the running simulations with one of my projects. Say I have two different classes that both have a bunch of parts in them, class A and B. Some parts are used in both classes. For example, I have one of the reused parts and that part will have a port that connects to different parts in each class. So when you look at the connectors in the part's specification, there will be connectors of both classes A and B.
Here's the issue. When I'm trying to send a message by using a Send Signal Action, and I specify that port on that reused part (remember, its port is connecting to different stuff), when I run the simulation for class A, the reused part is still active in class B! So the part also sends messages to the things connected to it in class B.
I've tried setting class B's isActive to false, but still no dice. I think the issue is that the reused part is basically the same exact instance in class A and B (which is also why I see connectors from both classes in the reused part's specification).

How do I make it so that the reused part is run ONLY within class A and not randomly in some other class that it happens to be used in? It the only solution to create ports specific to class A and ports specific only to class B?
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Re: Simulation trouble with reused parts

Postby chairat_p » Mon Sep 04, 2017 3:50 am

Hi, Larrys
We're investigating your issue for the reused part, but can't reproduce it. Could you please send the model to us for further analysis? Thanks.
Best Regards,
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