Retaining DHLinks after merge with disconnected server file

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Retaining DHLinks after merge with disconnected server file

Postby cardwellj » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:39 pm

Is there a way to retain DHLinks after performing a merge with a file from a disconnected server. In this scenario, there are two companies (company A and company B). Company A provides Company B with a local version of a project file from there Teamwork Server platform (18.5 SP1). Company B typically does work in the file using Cameo Systems Modeler (18.5 SP2) and then sends it back, when it is then merged with an updated local server file and then recommitted to the server (Company A's file is always the target). Company B is then provided with an updated local copy of the server file. Both company A and company B have DOORS requirements that are synced into the project file. Company A has their own data source and company B has their own data source. The issue is that when Company B receives the file back from Company A, all the DHLinks are removed and Company B's data source is no longer present. I can re add the data source for company B, but the DHLinks do not come back. Is there a way to retain the data source recognition and the DHLinks when exchanging and merging files in this way.
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Re: Retaining DHLinks after merge with disconnected server file

Postby supatp » Mon Jan 15, 2018 4:57 am

Hi cardwellj,

With normal scenario, project with DataHub information should not be concurrently used by users because DataHub might contain a duplicate information (relation ID and other artifacts). So, when they are merge, the data is possible to be conflicted and one of them will be lost.

We are finding for the workaround if the scenario you described is the only procedure you have to do.

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