Using Flow Properties as Flow Item

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Using Flow Properties as Flow Item

Postby » Sun Apr 01, 2018 11:43 am

Is it possible to use Flow Property as Conveyed Information/Flow Item? If not my detailed question is below..

There are some consepts used to model information flow throughout the model. As a result, there are many terms defines information that flows; and many of them includes "flow". Some words come from UML, some others created for SysML. These are :
Flow Item,
Flow Information
Conveyed Information
Flow Specification (deprecated but still supported by CMS)
Flow Property (New element after Flow Specification)

I dont get the idea really..
Why we are not able to use Flow Property :
1- as a property of a block to define/visualize all the information that block can receive and provide?
2- as a Property of an interface block so we can define/visualize what a port can receive and provide?
3- as a Conveyed information/Flow Item for a connector so we can define/visualize what actually flows on that specific connector? And just by drag&drop feature? (Now, CMS does not let us to drag&drop a Flow Property to a connector and set as a Flow Item.)

Here is my example, with an image attached. That was an intuitive modelling attempt in CMS which did not work out as I expected. (Image is not from CMS)
In example I have 5 data can grouped in to 2 different type, actually based on allocation of Interface Blocks.
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Re: Using Flow Properties as Flow Item

Postby » Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:08 am


Unfortunately, Flow property can't be used as Conveyed Information or Flow Item. Flow Property and Flow Item has a different abstraction level.

Item flows specify the things that flow between blocks and/or parts and across associations or connectors. Whereas flow properties specify what “can” flow in or out of a block, item flows specify what “does” flow between blocks and/or parts in a particular usage context. This important distinction enables blocks to be interconnected in different ways depending on its usage context. For example, tanks might include a flow property that can accept fluid as an input. In a particular use of tanks, “gasoline” flows across a connector into a tank, and in another use of tanks, “water” flows across a connector into a tank. The item flow in each case specifies what “does” flow on the connector in the particular usage (e.g., gas, water) and the flow property specifies what can flow (e.g., fluid). This enables type matching between the item flows and between flow properties to assist in interface compatibility analysis.

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