Function to FunctionAction documentation carry over

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Function to FunctionAction documentation carry over

Postby » Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:12 pm

MD 18.5, SP2

Let's say I have a function, F1. I fill in the documentation for F1.
I then create any number of FunctionActions of F1

Can the documentation entered for Function F1 carry over into the documentation of FunctionActions of type F1? If so, how can I enable this?

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Re: Function to FunctionAction documentation carry over

Postby Edita Mileviciene » Mon May 14, 2018 2:45 am


By default the Function Action has no ability to show its typing Function documentation. But you can add additional properties that show the required information from the model.

To add Function documentation for a Function Action, follow below listed steps:
1. In you model, create Generic Table. For the created table, define Element Type: Function Action, and Scope: some Function that has Function Actions inside.
2. In Generic Table toolbar, click button Show Columns, and select command Add New Derived Property:

3. In opened Expression dialog define new property Name: Function Documentation. In the expressions tree at the left, select Metachain Navigation. Then at the right side of the dialog define expression how to collect property value:
- Click Insert button to add a row into a table. Then for the Function Action element type select property Behavior.
- Click Insert button once more. for a newly added row select Function in Metaclass or Stereotype column, and Documentation in Property Column. Click Ok to submit changes.

4. Save your project, close it and open again to bring the newly created property into your project.
5. Now you can open Function Action specification, All properties Mode. In there you will be able to see Function Documentation property. If you want to see this property in Standard properties mode, You can click Customize button in properties mode selection combobox (right below All value)

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