Managing Requirements Baselines

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Managing Requirements Baselines

Postby » Tue Jul 24, 2018 12:52 pm

My organization has requirements that are decomposed into three different levels, lets call the top level A, the middle decomposed level B, and the lowest level C. Each of those requirements levels issues updates every few months and those updates are released into new baselines. Currently they are managed in DOORS and I import a .csv files of those requirements into MagicDraw and overwrite the old requirement baselines using the key ID field set to the requirements ID so I can keep my tracing and other relationships within my project. My organization is considering not using DOORS in the future so I'm trying to figure out what the best way to manage different versions/baselines of requirements within MagicDraw. Is this recommended? How should the project be structured? Would all tracing and relationships have to be recreated for every imported baseline and possible configuration? For example, Baseline A may only be released twice a year since those are our top level requirements that don't change as often but the lower level B and C could be released every two months. Since level B requirements are traced to level A that is a lot of tracing to keep up with. Additionally sometimes people may ask for history so I would need to export how the requirements changed over time so B.1 vs B.2 vs B.3 if that makes sense.

I'm thinking I would need to create a separate requirements project that store all three levels of requirements. Within that project, I'll likely need to have separate packages for each baseline and then redo the tracing linking the three levels together each and every time. If there is any way around this or other recommendations on how best to manage requirements baselines/versions in MagicDraw I would like your insight. Thanks.
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