Own Plugin with multiple JARs

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Own Plugin with multiple JARs

Postby Metin Göktay » Fri Mar 10, 2006 8:40 am


currently we are trying to develop our own plugin which requires further 3rd
party JAR files.
Up to now we were unable to integrate those 3rd party JARs into MagicDraw.
Trying to execute our plugin always results in a

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError regarding class files in the 3rd party JAR.

Though we have read the OpenAPI documentation which suggests to add libray
elements like
<library name="ourplugin.jar"/>
<library name="further_3rd_party.jar"/> <--- DOES NOT SEEM TO WORK
we could not manage to achieve the desired results yet.

Is there a recommended way to integrate 3rd party JARs along with our own
plugin JAR ????

MagicDraw Version : 10.5 Enterprise Edition

We would really appreciate your help and advise.

Metin Göktay

Metin Göktay
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Re: Own Plugin with multiple JARs

Postby Tomas Pugzlys » Tue Mar 14, 2006 1:41 am


You have configured 3rd party jar correctly and from your mail
everything looks ok.

Also I checked 3rd party jar loading worked for me with library

You may check the following things:
*further_3rd_party.jar is correct file name.
*further_3rd_party.jar file is added in plugin directory
*Check if NoClassDefFoundError classes are really in 3rd party jar.
Maybe 3rd party jar depends on other 3rd party jar that is not included
in plugin descriptor xml.

If you unable to solve problem, please provide details on
your operating system and JVM.

Also if possible you may send us 3rd party jar
and we may try to reproduce the problem on our site.

Tomas Pugzlys
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Tomas Pugzlys
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