Roll-up Pattern Not Summing on Parts with Multiplicities

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Roll-up Pattern Not Summing on Parts with Multiplicities

Postby » Mon Dec 03, 2018 10:52 pm

I am running Cameo Systems Modeler v19.0 with Cameo Simulation Toolkit.

I have a very simple model (attached) with a System <<block>> which is directly composed of a Component <<block>> of multiplicity [2..4]. After I apply the Cost Roll-Up Pattern and simulate the System <<block>>, I can manually key in Costs in the Variables pane for each of the two Component instances created plus the System instance and the System /TotalCost calculates correctly. I can also Add a Value to create additional Component instances up to the limit of 4 and the /TotalCost summation still works.

The problem occurs if I save an instance of my Component <<block>> (called myComponent) with a Cost assigned to the Cost slot, and then later try to apply this instance to Component instances when simulating my System <<block>>. The cost roll-up summation no longer works. Sometimes all costs are zeroed out, sometimes Cameo Simulation Toolkit only recognizes the cost of the first Component instance and ignores successive instances. I have confirmed this problem on multiple models I have created and several of my students independently ran into the same problem.

This is a problem for us because we are trying to create a library of Part instances from which we can build and analyze different system design variants. But the roll-up patterns do not work when applying Part instances from the library during simulation, and hence our parametric diagrams do not calculate correctly since they depend upon an accurate roll-up summation.

We'd appreciate any help you can give us!
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