SysML OCL2.0 in Paramteric Constraints for MoE?

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SysML OCL2.0 in Paramteric Constraints for MoE?

Postby tbernath » Tue Dec 18, 2018 6:54 pm

I'm trying to find a shortcut to loop through all the moe parameters for a design and compute an instance total cost.
In this model, there is an abstract 'moe_param' class, which contains the set of all moe for a project (inital price, monthly lic fees, installation, etc) , from which all the moe related components are derived from. Is there a way to associate a constraint with the top level block in a parametric diagram, that can iterate through all instances in the design derived from 'moe_param', and compute a sum?
I have not been able to find the OCL2.0 commands that might allow such a thing,
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