Using the "Usage in Diagrams" Functionality

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Using the "Usage in Diagrams" Functionality

Postby jwalker » Wed Jan 30, 2019 9:16 am


Does anyone know if you can use the "Usage in Diagrams" functionality to display a list of elements in a set of diagrams?

I'm trying to capture a list of BDDs in a specific package and within the same table/list, show the elements that are used within those BDDs. The functionality is there dynamically through the "Go To|Usage in Diagrams" menu, but it would be helpful to have this as a static query somehow.

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Re: Using the "Usage in Diagrams" Functionality

Postby » Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:03 am

Hi, I think it is a real need.
I think of two possible solutions. First, the smart packages and second is a query in a table. Below there is an answer that I have received a while ago about creating such a function for activities". It is not a complete answer obviously, it roughly describes how to create such a table and a query. There are simple find options and more advance queries. I think it is kind of compliacted.

For imitating the "usage in diagrams" function, you need to create a table and then create a custom column. To learn more about adding custom columns in a table, click the link ... +in+tables

Then you need to query model for displaying the usage in diagrams of specific elements. To learn more about querying model, click the link ... ying+model
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