Cameo Macro to Export Instance Table

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Cameo Macro to Export Instance Table

Postby » Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:20 pm

Currently I am using Cameo Enterprise Architecture Version 18.5. I am wanting to create a Macro to automatically export an instance table to an excel.xlsx document. I realize I could just click the Export button. However, I am trying to cut down the amount of time the user has to take to sort through the Team Server and just have an automated method of doing this. With that said I have a two part question:

1.) Does anyone know if there is a premade function/Command to activate the Export button.

2.) If the function isn't known, is there an easy method to record a macro in Cameo that records mouse clicks.

Of the Languages useable in my version I know Python. However, if someone has a script for a different language I can make that work as well. Mind you I already have the script formed for accessing the appropriate files and saving as a unique file name. The only thing I am lacking at this point is how to activate the Export button in the instance table.

Any assistance with respect to this situation would be greatly appreciated.



[I read through the main topics of the board and since this is dealing with coding for an engineering project this felt like the correct area to place this topic. However, if this is not the correct forum for this subject please feel free to message me and I will repost in the appropriate area.]

Edit: Note tracing the path to select Options -> Environment -> Keyboard -> Export(Instance Table) and assigning a key is doable at my work station. However, my system is not currently saving the assigned key. Also, once it works I would also need a macro that could auto assign this key command at any work terminal that attempted to use this macro. So I suppose my question is how to do that if any of you are familiar with how to do so. [Sendkeys is possible but it is a tempermental method that I would like to avoid if possible.]
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