Cameo Macro to Access Tag Values

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Cameo Macro to Access Tag Values

Postby » Fri Mar 29, 2019 7:30 am

Dear User,

Currently I am using Cameo Enterprise Architecture version 18.5. I am wanting to create a macro that assigns stereotypes to Call Behavior Actions based on one of the Action's Classifier Behavior tag values. I realize that I could simply look at the Action's Classifier Behavior Tag Value and assign the stereotype to the Call Behavior Action. However, I am wanting to cut down on the time a user has to take to click on an Action and look at the Specification. If possible, I would like for the process to become automated via a macro. With that in mind, I have an easy question:

From an Action, via a macro, how do you access the tag values?

Of the different programming languages I know C++, Java, and Python. However, if anyone can give me an answer to my question in any programming language, I can convert the code to one of the languages I know through research. Please note that I have already found a macro to assign stereotypes to Call Behavior Actions. The only thing I am lacking at this point is how to access the tag values from an Action.

Any assistance on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Austin M. Deavers
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