Cameo Workbench Plugin to Export a Model to Power Point

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Cameo Workbench Plugin to Export a Model to Power Point

Postby » Fri Jun 14, 2019 8:55 am

Dear Forum Member,

Currently I am working very hard to export a Cameo model to a Power Point. I know this is possible with Excel already (because I have used the Cameo Workbench sample provided for the metamodel Excel).

Currently I am trying to create a metamodel for Power Point. I know how to write schemas, and I can import the schema to create a metamodel. Also, I can export the metamodel to a JAR file. Finally, I can create a new MDWorkbench project while importing the new metamodel into the project. However, when I try to create a ruleset and use a variable defined in the JAR file, Workbench gives an error stating that the metamodel is not part of the plugin dependencies. Can you please tell me why?

Thank you!

Austin M. Deavers
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