How to use BPMN and SysML in the same project?

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How to use BPMN and SysML in the same project?

Postby justlurking » Fri Jul 12, 2019 9:44 am

I want to create a single model of 1) the high-level structure of and interfaces among several independent and inter-operating systems, 2) use cases for each system, 3) a process model comprised of many distinct usage sequences, which will have use cases as their constituent parts, as well as other actions that do not directly interact with a modeled system.

I can use SysML for 1 and 2, and BPMN for 3. But I’m not sure how to setup a Cameo project that supports both diagram sets and achieves an integrated model.

For example, I would like to Use Case Actors equated with BPMN Participants, and Use Cases (ovals) with BPMN Activities. In turn, the use cases will interact with SysML defined interfaces.

Of course, there should be no redundant definition – for example, when an activity corresponds to a use case, it will simply reference an existing use case definition.

My questions are

1) Is it possible to have SysML and BPMN in the same project?
2) Which template should I use for this?
3) If no out of the box template supports this, could a customized template support this.

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