Port Directions and function parameters

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Port Directions and function parameters

Postby c_mathur@yahoo.com » Sun Jul 21, 2019 2:29 pm

System A:: ResourcePort1 has direction = out
System A:: ResourcePort2 has direction = in

1) even though I’ve set the symbol properties for the ports to show port direction, I do not see the arrows. Any idea why?

2) For the depicted resource connector between A and B, I assigned a resource interaction item, Msg A, along with its producing and consuming functions. I would have expected the interaction item to be an output parameter of the producing function and an input parameter of the consuming function. When I looked at the specification for the functions, I did not see either. Is this the correct behavior? I should note that the interaction item did appear as an “Item produced” and “Item Consumed” in the function specs.

See Figure 1
Figure 1.png

3) When I use the producing and consuming functions in an activity diagram, I have the option to synchronize the functions’ pins with the block to which they are allocated. In this case, Publish Msg A is allocated to System A and Rx Msg A is allocated to System B. When I exercise the option to synchronize the pins on Publish Msg A, I see that one input and one output pin is created for each port of System A, for a total of 4 pins, even though I explicitly specified the directionality of the ports as mentioned above. Should I just see the necessary ports?

See Figure 2
Figure 2.png
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