Issue with Activity Parameter Node

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Issue with Activity Parameter Node

Postby » Thu Aug 22, 2019 5:30 am


I am new to CAMEO, and looking for help. In my CAMEO EA, I have a call behavior action with 2 output parameter node, and each output is generated by executing two different action inside. Before this two particular action have a decision node which decide the path of the token flow but when i simulate the model both the parameter node is getting the object token and the path which i don't want to follow get executed in the activity diagram. Requesting you to please find the attachments for your reference to get a broader picture.

Thank You
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Re: Issue with Activity Parameter Node

Postby » Mon Mar 09, 2020 9:59 pm

User-on-user help here, so bear with me if anything is wrong per NoMagic guidance...figured I would try to help while you wait!

To my understanding, all ActivityParameterNodes receive a token at the beginning of an activity execution. Some things I think you might be able to check:
1. On your "Activity 1", check the output parameter multiplicities -- they should be 0..1.
2. Activity 2 and Activity 3 should have 1..1 on their corresponding input parameters.
3. Ensure the CallBehaviorAction responsible for calling Activity_2 and Activity_3 have "Is Synchronous" set as "false". This is because, if you use 1..1 multiplicities on the input pins and do not specify a ControlFlow, the CallBehaviorActions are free to execute (as Cameo Simulation Toolkit does not currently have any "default" for execution order -- it only tries its best).
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