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UAF - modeling IT infrastructure

Postby » Wed Nov 13, 2019 7:41 am

I am using UAF to model a DevSecOps architecture, and am having trouble figuring out how best to model the actual IT resources (networks, servers, deployed software). Here's the story so far:
  • I've created a security taxonomy with security enclaves for environments (development, test, production) and networks (users, back-office)
  • I've created a resource taxonomy with computers (<<ResourceArtifact>>) and applications(<<Software>>).
  • I've created security structure that allows 0..* environments in a network, 0..* computers in a network, and 0..* computers in an environment.
  • I've created resource structure that allows 0..* applications on a computer.

I'm able to use the above meta-structures to create my more detailed classes. I can take those classes and create ActualResource instances, and populate the slots appropriately. However, I'm unable to draw anything remotely resembling an internal block diagram showing Actual Resource Structure or connectivity.

As I find myself saying often while using Cameo, "Is it a bug, or am I doing it wrong?"
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