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Fix sorting in web report

Postby pauljlotz » Thu Nov 21, 2019 3:04 pm

Suggestion: Fix the Web Publisher report template so that the sort order in the Containment tree in the generated report matches that in the source model.

Comments: Certainly this must be a well-known issue.
Create a new project.
Set Environment Options...Browser...General...Sort Always to 'false' (if it is not already) to allow for custom sort order in the model.
Add new packages (in a multi-level hierarchy, if desired). This example uses packages.
Note that MagicDraw (despite setting Sort Always to 'false') initially sorts the new packages alphabetically anyway rather than by order of creation (which is undesirable behavior that should be fixed).
For each level select Specification...Inner Elements and sort the packages as desired. (The Containment tree does not update to reflect the changes after the dialog closes, or even after invoking View...Refresh, which is a bug that should be fixed.)
Save the project. Close it. Reopen it. The Containment tree reflects the custom order.
Generate a web report (Tools...Report Wizard...DefaultTemplate\Web Publisher 2.0, etc.).
Open the generated report. The Containment tree in the generated web report has the packages sorted alphabetically at each level, rather than matching what is in the model. This is undesirable (it is absurd, really) and should be fixed.

Version: MagicDraw v19.0 SP2
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