UAF Operational Domain and SimToolkit

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UAF Operational Domain and SimToolkit

Postby » Wed Nov 27, 2019 8:40 am

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Folks, I am looking for guidance on how to use SimToolkit at the Operational Domain level of UAF. Using Cameo v19.
My team needs to simulate MOEs and MOPs at the Operational Domain level. I created a SysML simple simulation of Projectile Motion and then ported to an Op-Tx to get the modeling mechanics down. There are several aspects of the UAF Spec and/or the Cameo Implementation that pose problems:
1. By the spec, you cannot create instances of Operational Performers in UAF in the same manner you can create instances of a Block in SysML. This makes running a range of scenarios through an Operational Process difficult – like all of the NoMagic Trade Study examples.

2. You cannot add value types to an Operational Performer. The only stereotype that emulates it is Measurement but you must set a default value in the Operational Performer specification to get the simulation to initialize.

3. State machines appear to operate the same way but my critical issue is with how SimToolkit uses an Activity diagram to run properly. SimToolkit will not run an Operational Process diagram using Operational Activity Actions. To get SimToolkit to run, you have to use SysML Actions and not Operational Activity Actions.


Thanks in advance,
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