How to change the character encoding

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How to change the character encoding

Postby potato » Tue Jul 28, 2020 7:18 pm

We're having a bit of trouble working with Cameo Data Modeler in conjunction with Datahub and Doors NG.

When syncing data between Cameo and Doors NG, the spaces come up as question marks which causes Datahub to believe that the content of an artifact has drasticly changed. This also means we need to do a lot of post processing to fix the issues.

From what I can gather, Cameo is running with the system default encoding (iso-8859-1), but Doors NG is running with UTF-8, and the translation between the two is causing the space to be misrepresented. Is there any method for forcing Cameo to run on UTF-8 encoding?

Edit: Cameo Data Modeler 19.0 SP0 LTE, Cameo DataHub 19.0 SP0 LTE, Doors NG
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