Assocation Ownership when Element Locked

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Assocation Ownership when Element Locked

Postby » Mon Sep 14, 2020 5:49 pm


My Team and I are working on Cameo and share our models using Collaborate. Today 2 of use where working in a folder and we each had Locked separate subfolders to work on them, but we have elements that are shared in between. So when I created a new Function Y and connected it to Function X (on the diagram) that was locked by my coworker, I got the following message " Function X is read-only and cannot be modified, As a result, the Association (rather than the attached Function X) will own the created Property. Do you agree?" answers are Yes or no (No Cancel).
So the Connection is there and I can see when I go to Properties -> Relations, I can see the connection in both elements. But if I go to the containment Tree... Only Function Y Shows that connection and not Function X. I guess I have a couple of questions related to that:
1) Does it really matter if that connection was not created under Function X? What are the repercussions later? Such as in Relationship tables?
2) Is there a way to tell Function X to look up relations (or something like that) and update them?

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