Exporting values to new instance (using activities)

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Exporting values to new instance (using activities)

Postby philip.nelson@gd-ms.com » Mon Dec 21, 2020 2:27 pm

This is on 19.0 SP4.

When I apply a roll-up pattern to a tree of blocks, I can perform the computation using Cameo Simulation Toolkit and export values to new instance for the entire tree.

However, let's say I want to see a roll up of expected execution times for a tree of activities.
First I had to manually apply the RollUpPattern as this wizard only seems to come up for <<block>>s.
After doing so the roll up of value properties were computed correctly in Cameo Simulation Toolkit. However, when exporting values to new instance, I only get the top level activity. The values from the properties (sub-activities) did not get generated as you would expect when using blocks. (For example the recursive slots (slots that contain the children instances) are not being generated).

Did I miss something?

See sample model attached below.
When opening go to "2 Functional Analysis" SysML Block Definition Diagram mdel://_19_0_4_224d0504_1608319517953_7 ... l+Analysis
* Perform a roll-up computation with System 1 <<block>> and export to new instance
* Then perform a roll-up computation with Function 2 <<activity>> and export to new instance. You'll see only the Function 2 quantity and /totalQuantity got captured, but not function 2.1 and function 2.2.
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