Synchronizing Diagrams with DNG (Doors Next Generation)

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Synchronizing Diagrams with DNG (Doors Next Generation)

Postby » Mon Feb 22, 2021 12:33 pm

MagicDraw diagrams are often used as drawings (images) in DNG documents. When this is done, the question then arises as to how to keep the MagicDraw diagrams synchronized with their DNG counterparts.

As MD support has indicated (, there is no direct synchronization of diagrams built into the DataHub. I have, however, prototyped a work-around approach that I would like to share and for which I would like to get feedback.

The work-around is to use an Attached File Instance in MagicDraw to represent a drawing (image) in a Doors Next Generation (DNG) document (module). In DNG, the drawing (image) is actually treated as an attached file, so the mapping is appropriate. To get the drawing into the DNG document, I export the MagicDraw diagram image as a .png and import it into DNG as an imported drawing (image) which ends up being an attached. Updates can be accomplished by importing the updated file. Upon synchronizing the DNG document with MagicDraw, the DNG drawing (image) is now represented by an Attached File Instance. The advantage of this approach is that upon synchronization the modification date for the DNG attached file is then brought into MagicDraw. I create a dependency in MagicDraw between the Attached File Instance and the original MagicDraw diagram. I can then query to see whether the MagicDraw diagram's modification date is more recent than the DNG modification date for the file, indicating that a manual export of the drawing image and update of the DNG diagram is needed.

There is one weirdness in setting this up. Upon using the DataHub to set up the mapping between DNG and MagicDraw FOR THE FIRST TIME (and only for the first time), the MagicDraw Attached File Instance is not presented as one of the element types to which the DNG drawing (image) can be mapped. So to begin with, I map it to an Attached File. (This is insufficient for the work around since MD does not allow you to create a dependency from the Attached File to the Diagram.) However, once this mapping has been established, if you go back and edit the mapping the Attached File Instance now appears as one of the available MD element types.
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