A sequence flow cannot cross a pool boundary

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A sequence flow cannot cross a pool boundary

Postby brent.veltman@atos.net » Thu Mar 04, 2021 3:18 am

Hi all,

i am facing an interesting recurring error message "a sequence flow cannot cross a pool boundary"and i cannot seem to figure it out, no matter what i do or which literature i read. Of course i can ignore the error but that's not really a satisfying solution.

I am modelling a subprocess containing:
- none start event
- gateways
- tasks
- sequence flows
- one pool containing the actor of the subprocess

When i add a sequence flow from my none start event to a task, and from the task to a gateway i keep getting the error "a sequence flow cannot cross a pool boundary". However, when i continue modelling and later on model a sequence flow to a task and from that task to a gateway i don't get the error message.

The most interesting of all this is when i close the subprocess, the error message in the containment tree disappears...

When i inspect the specification window, the following fields are all containing the same values:
- in partition; actor
- in group; actor and subprocess
- in structured node; subprocess
- owner; subprocess

Does anyone have a clue what i need to do differently to prevent this error message?

Thanks in advance!
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