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Show connection from outside current IBD level

Postby » Sun Oct 31, 2021 11:29 am

Hi all,

I have a SysML diagram where I'm trying to display a connection that comes in over the IBD boundary to connect to a port on a part within that IBD. To clarify. I have IBD for a block 'A' with two parts, 'B1' (which has a proxy port 'pB1'), and 'B2' which has no proxy ports. Part 'B2' has its own part 'C' with a proxy port 'pC'.

On the IBD for 'A' I am displaying the 'B1' and 'B2' part property blocks as well as the 'C' part property block contained within 'B2' and it's port 'C'. Here I have placed a connector between 'pB1' and 'pC', the line for which goes over the edge of the 'B2'. The connection relation is present in the Containment tree in the Package containing block 'A', and the packages/blocks for 'B1, 'B2', etc.

I then have an IBD for 'B2' which displays 'C' and its port 'pC', however, the connection from 'pC' is not shown at this level. I have tried to display relations for all of the elements and the diagram as a whole. Is it possible to display a connection coming in over the diagram boundary from a higher level? Or does this require a port on the block that the IBD represents? I only want to show ports that represent physical interfaces and not "conceptual" ones, so being able to just have the connector line come in from the diagram boundary would be ideal. Otherwise, are there any other recommendations for how to represent this?

I've included a mock-up of the diagram instead of the diagram itself, as there are far more elements than I have listed here and I don't want to cause confusion. Thanks.

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