Trying to Destroy a Nested UI

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Trying to Destroy a Nested UI

Postby » Wed Jun 15, 2022 1:01 pm

Is it possible to destroy a nested UI? I have created a model that created a GUI for a block named Dashboard. This block has several parts named Master, Child 1, and Child 2. These parts are attached to groupbox and appear when the block for the part has been created and attached to the Dashboard as a part property. When I destroy the part property and block the nested GUI is not destroyed, but if I destroy Dashboard the overall GUI is destroyed without an issue. I am trying to make it so that I can stay within the GUI that represents dashboard and have a nested GUI of Master that can be destroyed to allow me to create the nested GUI of Child 1. The overall concept is the dashboard is the base and the selections under each of the parts (Master, Child 1 and Child 2) would have different abilities and paths. For reference, when the part/block Master is destroyed, the state machine and block for Master are destroyed but the GUI representation of it stays and is now useless. The signals will not be sent anywhere as the representation of the GUI no longer exists. Any help destroying Nested UIs? The file attached is a sample of my project.
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