Import Blocks including properties with excel/csv into Cameo

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Import Blocks including properties with excel/csv into Cameo

Postby lennox84 » Fri Mar 03, 2023 3:13 am

does anyone know if it is possible to import from excel/csv a certain number of blocks that contain properties into Cameo? So basically I would like to import a matrix (see below) where I have my Blocks (B1, B2...) and each contains 3 Design Variables (DV1, DV2, DV3).
Block DV1 DV2 DV3
B1 DV11 DV12 DV13
B2 DV21 DV22 DV23
B3 DV31 DV32 DV33
B4 DV41 DV42 DV43

For me it seems like a simple task but I did not succeed so far.
It is an easy task to import this data set in an Instance table but this is not what I want.
Using a generic table did not work for me. The excel PlugIn did not work either.
I am using Cameo Systems Modeler Version 19.0

Do you have some ideas about it?
Best, Lennox
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