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XML File Format

Postby Gavin Kistner » Mon Mar 06, 2000 11:16 am

Remember how I said "wouldn't it be neat if users could create their own XSL
templates for the report"? I was at the time envisioning that the Report
feature would output XML based on the user's choices.

But...but...why not just make the native file format XML? Yes, depending on
the DTD you create you might increase the file size somewhat. (But this is
solved by going to my read/writes zipped files suggestion.) But think of the

1) Users with access to an XML/XSL browser would be able to create their own
customized reports on the data set.

2) With a public DTD, other tools could be used which conformed to the
MagicDraw XML file format, enhancing market share.

3) You'd get to use the letters XML in a press release--not quite the hype
value it used to be, but still good! (For added benefit you could call it an
"Open File Format", eliciting thoughts of "Open Source"...and can you get a
much better tie-in? :)

I thought of this because over the weekend I wrote a hellacious set of
scripts to try and parse the file to create my own report format, and
noticed how nicely hierarchical it really is. It'd be SUPER as an
application of XML.

- Gavin

Gavin Kistner
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