Command-line "save as images"

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Command-line "save as images"

Postby David Salgado » Tue Jul 25, 2000 7:20 am

Our project uses a batch file and some command-line driven programs to
create an HTML repository of documented source code.

The program we use can also have links to images embedded into the source
code comments, and then the HTML page includes the relevant image.

This is great for including UML diagrams from MagicDraw in our source-code
documentation, but it does mean that programmers have to remember to "Save
All Diagrams As Image" every time they update a MagicDraw project.

A command-line call to MagicDraw to do that would mean we could include that
command in the overnight batch file, and our source code documentation would
automatically be kept up to date wrt. UML diagrams too.

Any chance of this being added?



David Salgado
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Re: Command-line "save as images"

Postby Andrius Strazdauskas » Wed Nov 29, 2000 9:55 am


We may have such functionality in the future, probably starting with the 4.5
version coming in the second part of 2001, as we will add scripting

However, 4.0 version will have customizable XSL based reports, including
diagrams and all the model. Maybe this will be useful for you.

Best regards,
Andrius Strazdauskas
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