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Filtering features in the merge tool

Postby etienne_f » Wed Jan 18, 2012 5:39 am


We use the 17.0 SP3 version of MD. We use the “merge” feature. Our process is a little bit difficult to explain here but in summary our MD projects in teamwork mode use a shared module (also in teamwork). These projects make evolutions in their own branch of this shared module. In parallel, the shared module evolves and new official versions are provided and are available in the teamwork repository. Sometimes, the projects have to synchronize with the last new version of the module. Sometimes the modifications between the local project and the new version of the module are disjoined and sometimes there is overlapping and even in some cases conflicts.

To be simple, the new official version of the module is considered as the truth. In the merge process, we can consider that the changes that come from the official module (the source in the Merge) can be validated. Consequently we accept all the changes that come from the source. At the opposite, we focus on the changes that come from the origin/target model.

At this time we would like to filter the “merge result tree” to see only the changes that come from the target. The feature “Accepting/Rejecting scope” doesn’t allow filtering, it allows only to accept/reject changes on source, target or both. It isn’t easy to find only the modifications that come from the target because there are many modifications between two synchronizations.

My questions are: “Is it possible to filter the merge result tree to see only the source modifications or the target modifications or both ? And if yes, how? Is there an other way to help me in the merge process? For instance is it expected to provide commands like “accept/reject all source modifications” and respectively “accept/reject all target modifications” ? ”

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