Forward/Reverse error in c++?

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Forward/Reverse error in c++?

Postby » Fri Sep 28, 2012 2:25 am

We use MagicDraw 17.0.02 and observe strange behavior of the code engineering facilities for c++. We use the C++/ANSI code engineering set.

When we do reverse engineering of c++ code and then generate the code again with forward engineering it happens that the code of a couple files will be appended to the file. This is the file Cntrl.h from the MagicDraw sample after reverse/forward engineering.
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#ifndef __CNTLR_H
#define __CNTLR_H
#include "Crypter.h"
#include "Intfcr.h"
class Controller {
   void Encrypt(char *text);
   void Decrypt(char *text);
   void Start();
   Crypter    cp;
   Interfacer   inf;
   MessageHandler    mh;
#include "Crypter.h"
#include "Intfcr.h"

class Controller
   Controller( );
   void Decrypt( char * text );
   void Encrypt( char * text );
   void Start( );
   Crypter cp;
   Interfacer inf;
   MessageHandler mh;

All other files are OK.

Sometime MagicDraw deletes a semicolon in c++ code and concatenates two lines.

Are there errors in the c++ parser? Or does anybody know how to avoid this behavior?
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